INSTALLATIONS > Crossing El Rio Grande, un memorial para los no identificados.

Crossing el Rio Grande: un memorial para los no identificados speaks about the journey of those who cross the border from Mexico into the United States in search for a better life, but who die before reaching habitable areas. There are hundreds and hundreds of people every year that attempt to reach the American Dream and succumb to the elements. These people that die on their journey are sometimes never found, identified or claimed. They don’t get to receive a proper burial. Each rosary in this installation symbolizes a death at the border and carries a prayer for every man, woman or child that has passed away in those circumstances.

This work has been exhibited at:
(2014) Ivan Wilson Fine Arts Center Galleries at Western Kentucky University. Bowling Green, KY. (Solo show)
(2014) Crossroads Gallery. University of Notre Dame, South Bend, IN.(Solo show)
(2015) Visual Arts Center,University of Texas Austin. Austin, TX.(Group show)
(2017) Mary H. Dana Women Artists Series Galleries. Mary Smith Douglass Library, Rutgers University. Brunswick, NJ. (Group Show)
(2018) Weeksville Heritage Center. Brooklyn, NY. (Group show)