"Coming of Age II" (exterior transformations)
"Coming of Age II" (exterior transformations)
Mixed Media: Paper, thread, cheese cloth a mannequin. Machine sewing.
5ft tall x 4 ft in diameter

Private collection. NFS

Was made to celebrate the 15th year anniversary of the SERIE Project. It is made out of proof prints generated throughout the past fifteen years at Coronado studio. The proofs have been torn into small pieces and sewn back together. In Latina tradition, when a girl turns 15 years old, she is officially “a woman”, and this is a big event to celebrate. This Quinceañera dress celebrates the coming of age of this local organization.

Coming of age (celebración)
A non-traditional Quinceañera dress

“Coming of age” is an homage to Coronado Studio and the SERIE Project in its first fifteen years of existence. The composition of the “fabric” of the dress is a reflection of how the SERIE’s journey has come about: like in a quilt, individual pieces stitched together to create a colorful, bright whole, a whole that also has dark and pale spots. So too are individuals in our community brought together by the stitches of friendship and a common vision, sharing a history that is also punctuated by peaks and valleys, heights and lows.