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Serie Project founder, Consejo Grafico, Latino master printer, chicano leader, Bertold Brecht, Latina art
Silkscreen, thread drawing, blind embossment
11 x 22 inches
Gil Cardenas, latino art collector, supporter of Latino art
Silkscreen, crochet and thread drawings
7.5 x 10 in
Green pastures
Etching, engraving, collage and thread drawings.
11 x 15 in.
intaglio, mixed media, combination printmaking, paint-sewing,
Intaglio, Engraving, Serigraphy, collage and thread drawing.
23 x 30 inches
Because Sam was all heart
Etching Copper and laser cut acrylic), chine cole and thread drawings
11 x 15 inches.
Niño oji-azul (blue eyed boy)
Etching, chime colle and thread drawings
7.5 x 9.75 in.
acculturation, assimilation, domination, codex mendoza,
Etching (wall installation)
each separate print is 20 x 26in.
"También tuve momentos felices"
Intaglio, chine cole, sewing. A milagro.
11 x 15 inches
calaca, dia de los muertos, calavera
Etching and chine colle
5 x 7 inches
"Esta cuca es mía"
Polymer etching, etching, thread drawings.